RETROi$AWESOME and the name speaks for itself. "RETRO" comes from the heavy 90s/2000s influence in his style. "AWESOME" came later in time, it's an acronym for "As We Experience Situations Our Minds Expand". Coming up in a rough part of New Jersey, R$A had to teach himself how to become a man while simultaneously maneuvering around in the streets of Plainfield. His experiences bleed through the music. His mixtapes serve as checkpoints for his mentality as he continues to evolve and grow. R$A's sound is what the game's been missing as it incorporates the sonics of today's "Trap Wave" along with the value of lyrical content and rapping ability of "Golden Age" Hip Hop. Some of his influences include Lil Wayne, Jay Z, Pharrell, Kanye West & Dipset. His growth as an artist and, more importantly, as a man is all documented throughout his discography. Whether you're tuning into the current chapter of his life or starting from the first, the music will tell you everything you need to know.

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